Scheduling and estimating capability one year ahead

Hi, my small team of 6 has started using Clockify a few months ago and it has helped me knowing when projects exceed the quotation or which employees are the top performers.

However I’m a bit disappointed with scheduling, it’s much more limited than I thought. Our projects span on several months and their time estimate range between 20 to 300 hours. I would like to put these projects on a big timeline spanning one year ahead with a start and an end date, and then see how many hours must be worked on a given week or month. This would help me to identify the time slots in which we are in overcapacity or undercapacity.

Is the Clockify team still working on new features and improvements, or is it feature freezed ?

Hi Felix,
Thank you for reaching us.

Our team is always working and improving the app in its entirety, including all of the features.

I will make sure to forward this as a feature suggestion and improvement so the dedicated department is aware of the need for a larger time span for the Scheduling feature.

I wish you a great rest of the day!

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Hello @Sara_Peric ,

I keep thinking that my life would be much easier with this increased scheduling range feature. Is there a plan to work on it ? I checked the forum and this specific update was requested by others: