Scheduling, Forecasting and Capacity by Month

Hi, just submitted this as a feature request but I am also posting it here in case it can be upvoted.

We do our scheduling and forecasting for each project and user on a monthly basis, rather than daily or weekly.

We would like the option to input projected hours for each month in the Schedule tab, for each project, task, user. In a more simple way that allows quick updating while viewing more than 8 weeks at a time.
Similarly, the Team’s capacity % would be visible on a monthly basis, as opposed to daily or weekly.

This is as opposed to manually creating (and publishing) assignments that are based on daily hours, as it makes it very cumbersome to add projections a monthly basis for projects that are relatively long and constantly evolving. I understand the use case for this feature but we don’t manage time this closely, and I am sure it is similar for other companies using this tool.

Alternatively, would be good to at least have a way to manually Forecast hours per project per month (ideally per user and task too!), without the need to input this via Schedule tab.

Please consider upvoting if this feature would be useful to your case too.