See entries in a chronological order or group similar time entries

By default, Clockify will group similar time entries on your Time Tracker page.

This means that entries with the same details (description, project/tas, tags, billability, etc.) will be shown as single but expandable time entry with a number on the left indicating how many specific time entries are grouped.

When it’s not expanded the start time will show the start time of the first entry and the end time of the last entry in the group. The duration will be the sum of durations of all entries in the group.

When you expand it, it will show all single time entries that are included in the group with their respective start and end times. This is handy when you want to check all the details on your time entries.

Grouping is useful so your Time tracker isn’t filled with a bunch of similar time entries but rather shows a more compact view.

If you’d rather want to see your time entries in chronological order, you can switch the grouping off in your Profile settings.