Pause and continue the timer

Clockify doesn’t have a pause button per se, but you can use the continue button on the Time tracker to continue working on the same activities

So once you start a timer on the activity and stop it, the activity will be recorded and a time entry will be saved. You then have an option to continue this time entry by clicking the little play button on the right side.

If you click that button it will start a new timer with all the same details of that activity (description, project, tags, etc.).

This is because when you continue working on something after you stopped a timer, this activity now has a different start time and the system needs to record that which is why a new time entry is started.

Here’s an example:
Let’s say you work on a project from 10 am to 11 am. You start the timer at 10 am and stop it at 11 am, but then later in the day (let’s say 3 pm) you work on the same thing. So you start the timer again, but it’s 3 pm now, so you work for an hour, then you stop the timer at 4 pm.

If the system was to assign this to a previous time entry the start time for this single time entry would be 10 am and the end time would be 4 pm, but the total duration of how long you worked would be just 2 hours which may be confusing.

However, if you work on completely the same time entries (with the same description, project, client, etc.) your Time Tracker page will group those time entries as a single expandable entry simply for a better overview.

To learn more about grouping time entries or toggle this option on/off, check this post.

It would be great to have a pause button! I am using the rounding function. When I start a project and work for 10 mins, but then take a phone call for something unrelated I press “stop”, then come back to the original project and press start again, but say I work for only 2 mins to finish up… the app has now logged my time as a full 30 mins! 15 mins for the first set of work and 15 mins for the last 2mins of work. I need to round to 15 mins, but I have had clients question why it rounds up so much. I have yet to find a way to accurately round up so I feel like my time is recognized, but that I am not gouging the client.

Hello Marie,

Thank you for the reply and feedback!

I agree that the break function would be a great addition to the application, feel free to fill out the feature request form here: Feature Feedback - Clockify™.

If you need further assistance with setting up your workspace correctly, please contact us at, we’d be happy to help.