How to link Clockify with Google Calendar using Integromat?

The Clockify team says here that you can “Start timer in Clockify when an event in Google Calendar starts” using Integromat, but they didn’t bother to explain how. :grin:

I signed up for Integromat and checked their help pages on Clockify and GCalendar and still couldn’t figure it out. I don’t see a way to use the start of an event as a trigger.

It looks like Zapier has a way to do this–I was hoping to use Integromat because their free account is much less limited, but maybe I should just use Zapier?

Has anyone done this and can comment on whether it works well?

Hi Mike,

Integromat made Clockify available on their platform and for more information on how to use Integromat (eg. connecting apps by running specific scenarios) we would strongly suggest contacting them about it and possibly ask about the available triggers for GCal.

You’re correct, with Zapier you could select New Event as the trigger, and then select an action in Clockify such as add time entry.

This is the exact thing I want but it seemed complicated to me as MikeKRunner mentioned. It would be awesome if you post videos showing how to connect GCalendar to Clockify as I asked here.

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Connecting Clockify with GCal via Zapier should be quite straightforward, you would need to connect a trigger (event in GCal starts) with an action (Add a time entry in Clockify). Both Zapier and Integromat should have extensive resources on how to use their app, here are some links that could be helpful:

With Zapier and Integromat it is possible to connect hundreds of apps with Clockify. Furthermore, there are many different automated scenarios possible just by connecting two apps. For example, when a project is created in Clockify > create an event in GCal; when new event in GCal is created, create a time entry in Clockify, when event starts in GCal > start timer in Clockify, etc.

It would be extremely difficult to cover them with tutorials, especially if Zapier, Integromat, or one of those apps change/update something.

We do appreciate your suggestions and hope we’ll be able to cover and create more detailed instructions for some of the most wanted scenarios in the future.

I tried the Zapier method and was able to get it set up that way. I was unfamiliar with Zapier so it was a bit confusing at first, but I figured it out. You want to use the Event Start time on Gcal as the trigger and the Event End time to stop timing. Go to the Zapier link jovana posted to get started. It works great for me!

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