Crashing in Chrome

Clockify keeps crashing on my Macbook in Chrome when I try to filter reports. All are up to date. I’ve been using it for a couple of years and we have several team members. The app doesn’t have this feature and neither does the plugin.

Can this be fixed? I’ll be forced to switch to another app if not.

Hi there,

Can you please try to clear the cache and cookies in Chrome for the longest time frame and check if the issue persists? If that doesn’t helps please switch to another network(e.g. share a hotspot from your phone).

If the issue still persists please contact our support team at support@clockify,me


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That worked! Thank you!

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Thank you for asking the question I got the solution too.

Update, it only worked once. I’m now contacting support. Thank you for the info.

I have used this method on my project and I got an amazing result, no error found.

I will use this method for the past two weeks and there is a benefit result are happening.