Autotracker remains blank after started

My company started using Clockify yesterday to test if it fits our needs.
Everything was great, we’re using the autotracker feature and then grouping entries etc.
But after sometime the Autotracker stopped recording everything, we keep it in the backgroung just to see if it will update, but nothing.

We sometimes use Worksnaps as well (need it for some clients), do they conflict? Even after restarting my pc and not opening worksnaps at all it will not work

This might relate to my topic that i just started a minute ago (link). I had the same issue, but then i noticed that it is making the entries on the wrong date. When I record on October 4th, the entries are on October 3rd for some reason.

@RGheno Hi! Thanks for reporting this, can you email us directly at so we can investigate further and run through some troubleshooting steps?