Allow cloning time entry from calendar view

I like to use the calendar view.

But if I’m working on something that spans my lunch hour, I need to create a new entry with exact same info in it, for the afternoon session.

Since you can drag entries around, the most intuitive way for me would be to hold down alt while dragging to create a clone and then be able to place it where I want.

Would this be possible?

Hi Leon, thank you for your feedback and welcome to Clockify Forum.
Please note that you can duplicate time entry from the Calendar page, if you click on it, and click on the small three dots at the bottom of the pop-up window that comes up.
However, please note that this will create a completely same time entry, with all the same details. So in your case, you will need to click on one of these time entries again and edit the hours.

I hope this helps. Cheers!