ZenDesk Integration

Are there any guides on how we can integrate ZenDesk with Clockify?

Aside from the guide available on your website.

Since the integration is rather simple, unfortunately there are no further guides apart the one on the website.
To get the integration to work, you would first need to install our browser extension and a Clockify timer button will automatically appear in all Zendesk tickets. Then when you click on that timer in a Zendesk ticket, Clockify will pick up Zendesk’s ticket name as a time entry description in Clockify and the timer will start ticking.

Is there a way where you can automatically map the “organization” data in ZenDesk to the “client” field in Clockify? or any other filed/data for that matter

Unfortunately, it is not possible to automatically map the organization data in Zendesk to the client field in Clockify or other data/fields.

Even through API integration? This is not possible?

This wouldn’t be possible via API either. Our extension is open source and you could try to modify it to pull organization data as a project (not client though).