Windows message (Pomodoro to make a break) quickly dissapeared


When my Pomodoro timer (Win 10, Clockify 1.7.7) asking me to take a break - it sends me a me message in right bottom corner of desktop. Stays there few seconds and then dissapearing. But when at this moment I looking on some side (not on the display, or concentrated another area of ​​the monitor), I cant catch this message, so everytime of this happens - I fucked up to make a break. And only when I remember about timer - I do open windows message panel (right panel) and see that message about need to make a break.

When this message appeared in the right corner of desktop - could you, please, make the possibility to stay it all the time, until I close it manually or push the buttons on it? On my thought, it will make this message more useful.

Thanks! Best wishes!

Hi there,

Please note that a notification banner will stay open for only 5 seconds by default until it is automatically dismissed to the Notification Center on Windows 10 and 11. This is the system setting that can be easily changed on your machine. To do so, please follow the steps below:

  • Navigate to the ‘settings’ on your computer
  • Click on Accessibility on the left side, and click on Visual effects on the right side
  • Select the ‘Dismiss notifications after this amount of time’ you want in the drop-down menu

I hope this was helpful! Cheers!