Why is there no more strictly chronological order of entries in Reports --> Detailed?

Regarding the browser access, the entries in Reports → Detailed have always worked fine for me. The chronological order can be reversed by pressing the the “Time” link, thus sorting the entries chronologically by date and within a day from oldest to newest or newest to oldest.
A couple of days ago I realized an unwanted change here: While sorted by date from oldest to newest, later time entries WITHIN a day come before older ones. Or the other way around: When sorted by date from newest to oldest, older time entries WITHIN a day come before later ones.
This was definitely not the case before and interferes with my work flow, as I need all entries in strict chronologial order (in the Clockify app all entries are still displayed in strict chronological order).
By the way, now the order in exported PDF does not correspond to the browser order but is a mix of correct strictly chronological entries within a day and some of them incorrect.
So why did this change and how can it be displayed strictly chronologically like before?

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Hi Felix!

Welcome to the Clockify forum.

Our team is aware of the sorting issues you mentioned and is currently working on resolving them so all should be back as it was after that.
In case you wish to follow progress or you notice anything else, please reach us at support@clockify.me


I am having the same issue, and it also extends to exporting to Excel

I just noticed this same issue yesterday when I ran a report which I provide to my manager on days I work remotely. My projects are no longer able to be sorted in chronological order. I will bookmark this to see when this is resolved. Thank you for working on it!

Another one who ran a report after the break and was left scratching his head with the ordering (or lack of). Glad to hear it’s being worked on, thank you.


I hope you are doing today. Kindly note that our team is investigating this issue right now and we hope that the time sorting issue will be resolved as soon as possible.

You can reach out to support@clockify.me for updates on the progress of this investigation.