Where Do I find my User ID?

I’ve been testing out the clockify api. To get your time entries you need get:
I thought userID meant the api key but it didn’t. And so I tried searching from my account, for my userID and couldn’t find it. ‘tried’

I figured out a way to get my userID but it was through.
'‘https://api.clockify.me/api/workspaces/{workspaceID}/users/’. And getting my ID from the output. This works for me since I’m the only one on my workspace but for others with multiple users. It’s probably not. And so finally the question is Where do I find my User ID? Or is there a better way to find it than what I’m doing.


Welcome to Clockify Forum.
The easyest way for you to get your own user ID is with the “Get currently logged in user’s info” API call.
Here is the link to the documentation and an example response.