What is the general design thinking of this Clockify forum front-end design?

Hello respected forum members and moderator/admin:

I am new to this forum, but I am not new to be a member of an online forum, after days of participation in this forum, out of curiosity, there are a few questions in regard to the design thinking of front-end design of this forum. For example, why can’t I see the member profile of any member in this forum?

There is a reason I asked my aforementioned question, because I am considering to add my Clockify forum profile to my Linktree profile with a hope to raise awareness of my Liktree profile follower about what good can they get if they engage the usage of Clockify app, and then I discovered this issue.

A quick update after I posted my question, I reviewed the issue in my original post, and I discovered that the profile is hidden behind a UI button as shown as below screenshot:

So, there is member profile in forum front-end design, it is just I did not see it. I had visited this forum more than 10 times within days and intended to find member profile (including my own public profile) of probably 5 forum members and I failed, and I can only notice where the profile is after I made this post and after I pay further attention into further details because I am trying to be responsible to my post…so my next question is, what is the design thinking of this hidden member profile design?