Weekly attendance

as a company that operates with flexible working hours, our primary interest lies in being able to view weekly attendance reports for each employee, instead of daily ones. This is due to our work structure which is organized around weekly slots, such as 40 hours per week, rather than on a daily basis.
It would be sufficient for us if we could categorize or group these weekly attendance reports by individual users, without having to add up the hours by hand for each employee.
Would it be possible?

Hi Francesco!

Thank you for taking the time to explain your workflow. With our current attendance report, you will have the option to select a date range, choose individual employees or the whole team, and also filter it further by projects, clients, etc. However, the report will still show the individual hours line by line as per the current design of the feature.

I completely agree that it would be really useful to have the option of getting the total hours per week; therefore, I will make sure to forward this to our product team as a feature suggestion.

Another option that I would recommend would be to use regular reports, like summary or weekly, to get the total hours. I understand that this won’t be the ideal solution since it does not include the time off information; however, you would have all the other data included there.

If you need further assistance, please reach out to us at support@clockify.me.