Hi Jacob! We see no issues on our end at the moment, all webhooks are working properly. Perhaps you’ll need to check your setup on the receiving end.

My test to the End Point worked successfuly from Postman

But when triggered from Clockify, they fail. Since there’s not much configuration on either side for this, is there any profile related issues that might cause this to fail?

I’ve deleted and recreated the web hook, to no avail.

I don’t see anything that would cause an issue but I suggest you contact our support team at support@clockify.me with more details, your account info, and which webhook exactly you’re using so they can check it out.

thanks, I’ll do that

The feature is great.
But the issue if that time in Webhooks is in UTC and time in Detailed reports is in the local timezone.
I would recommend sending time in Webhooks in the local timezone as well as in the Detailed Report.
Having time inside a local working day is more useful than having UTC time.

Yet another issue with Webhooks.
As it’s stated in the documentation: “You can send “Action-Metadata” parameter via API request header, and its value will be passed along by the webhook event it triggered. Example: You can send “update time entry” request and pass along “Action-Metadata: MyRequestId123” in the header, and when the “time entry updated” webhook is triggered, you’ll receive “Action-Metadata: MyRequestId123” in the webhook so you can avoid endless update loop.”
Actually, the header parameter of the webhook is “Clockify-Action-Metadata”.

@aleksey.voitovich thanks, we updated the documentation

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Webhooks responses are designed to return the entities in the same format as v1 REST API. For this reason all times are in UTC.

I see. Is it possible to add a timezone to the webhook data? Into the ‘user’ block.

This is not currently possible, but thanks for letting us know what you’re looking for!

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Hi Jovana!

I am still interested in getting a user timezone in the Webhook data. Could you please add a ‘timezone’ field to the ‘user’ block of the webhook data?

Still no changes regarding this, I’m afraid.

What about now? Still not added?

@aleksey.voitovich thanks, we updated the documentation

The documentation is not updated.

It is still not added. In case we make any changes on this matter, we will documented it.