Webhook - Time approval submitted/approved/rejected/withdrawn doesn't seem to work

Hello All,
We have been trying to create a notification system internally for approval/rejection/withdrawal of time-off requests using the webhooks. (Admins get email notifications for request creations, but they don’t get email notifications for approval/rejection/withdrawal events).

webhook for time approval doesn’t seem to be working. we don’t get any requests to our endpoint. Is there a time difference between the event and webhook call? am i missing anything? (we tried using webhoook.site and for testing, we added a webhook for manual time entry event and it works)

Hi there, welcome to Clockify Forum, and thank you for contacting us!

I have just now tested approval webhooks for submitting the timesheets, as well as changing the status of the approval request, and everything seems to be working as expected.

Since this needs to be troubleshoot further, I would suggest contacting us at support@clockify.me so we can help you out.

Hope this works! Cheers.