Viewing the exact time of each task in a project

Hello friends,
I want to know how much time was spent on each task in a project. In the projects section in the Status tab, I can see the status of each task, but the numbers related to time are written in decimal and not exact. For example 4.63h but I need the data to be like this: 04:37:48

Is there a way to see the time of each task by hours:minutes:seconds?

Hi Rahimzadeh,

Thank you for reaching out.

I am afraid that is not possible to see time tracked in full format(hh:mm: ss) on the project status page however if you set the duration format to full in the workspace settings you can see the total time spent on each task if you group summary report by Project>Task.


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Thanks dear nicola, your tip about the Report section was exactly what I needed

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