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I just started using Clockify and shortly after trying it out I subscribed to the basic plan, mainly to use the break functionality. I am however somewhat disapointed. I was hoping I could somehow add a break to an existing entry, but I still have to stop and start the timer. I would’ve prefered to just enter a start and end time (eg. 8:00 to 17:00) and then afterwards add an hour brake to that entry, without specifying when and how long I took those breaks. OR: What would also be an improvement is when I enter a break and the break overlaps with an existing entry, the break time is deducted from that entry.

Also, from what I’ve seen so far, there does not seem to be any advantage for creating a new entry marked as ‘break’, compared to creating a project called ‘break’ and using that to define my breaks. I’m probably missing something, what are the advantages of marking an entry as ‘break’ as opposed to using a project called ‘break’?

Edit: to clarify, this is exactly what I would like to see: Free Time Card Calculator — Clockify ™

Hi Koen,

Thank you for sharing your feedback on the break feature. I’ve submitted a feedback form on your behalf regarding not specifying when you take a break and deducting break time with overlapping entries. We appreciate your insight into your experience with the feature.

The advantage of using breaks in reports as opposed to using a project to define your break is that you would be able to filter for that specific project and see how much time that was spent as break time. Grouping the summary report by “Project” and “Description” would allow you to see how much time was spent on a project and how much of the tracked time on the project is break time.

The breaks also provide a distinct visual that a time entry is a break entry.

Additionally, the “Status” filter allows you to filter for break or non-break time. This allows for single-project filtering of non-break and break times.

CSV and Excel reports also gain another column: Type: This specifies if the time entry for the project is a regular entry or a break entry.

In short, it provides another parameter filterable through reports which can enhance and more accurately portray reports along with being used in other features such as invoicing and forecasting.


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Thanks for your reply.

I have used the app a bit more now and I love it. If only I could enter my breaks without specifying an exact start and end time the app would be absolutely perfect. Could you maybe think of a workaround? For instance, is it possible to somehow enter negative numbers in a time registration? Or could a custom field be a solution?

Small update: I have created somewhat of a workaround:

  • Create a custom field called ‘break’
  • This custom field is a dropdown list consisting of 00:00, 00:15, 00:30, etc…
  • When exporting a report to send to your customer, export it as excel, then add an extra column ‘total work time’ that’s the following formula → (end time - start time - break)
  • Force the user to enter break time by ticking ‘break’ as an option under ‘Do not allow saving time without’ under settings

The downside is that the hours in clockify don’t match up to the actual hours, because the breaks don’t get deducted. Other than that it works fine

I agree that there should be an feature: e.g. an “Adjustment” status (similar to Billable/NotBillable status). When “Adjustment” status is checked on a time entry line item, then the start and end times become inactive/blank, and you can type a POSTIVE or NEGATIVE time h:mm in the total time field. That way the time affects the cumulative total time.