User rights besides admin

We want each project manager to check their member’s time anytime.
However, only admin group can check team member’s time so each project manager cannot see how their members using Clockify since they are also normal users.

We may assign admin rights to project managers but they can also change all other workspace settings and see time sheets of other members.

Thus, please help to create the team leader, or the project manager role for the system.

Hi there, welcome to Clockify forum!

We do have a Project Manager role in Clockify, that lets regular users see all tracked time on the projects they have this role. Project managers can be set and changed in the project’s Access tab and there can be more than one manager on a project.

Here you can find more information on this feature.

Additionally, the new Manager role is currently being worked on, with it, you will be able to set users manager role so they can manage their team’s time. Feel free to check out our roadmap to see all the features we’re planning to add.