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Hi, new(ish) user here. I’m part of the effort to onboard the company to using Clockify.
I’ve had a quick search through the forum and don’t believe this question has been raised, so apologies if it has.

A lot of my team’s work will be managed through Azure DevOps, which is great, it means that the browser plugin will be able to automatically start a time and it will integrate the work item ID from DevOps into the task name. However, due to the way our workspace has been configured (I have no control over this), my team will still be required to choose a project and a customer.

I’m wondering if it would streamline things considerably for them if I could create tasks in Clockify (selecting the appropriate customer and project) and share some sort of unique identifier for the task, which my team would be able to enter?

Is this sort of thing possible? Or is it a dumb idea for reasons which haven’t yet occurred to me?

Hello and welcome to the Clockify forum!

Please note that while we do have the “custom fields” feature, which allows you to add specific information to your time entries, it will be connected only at the project level since we do not yet have the option to set custom fields on the tasks themselves.

For example, you could create a custom field with a number type called “task id,” and your employees could easily enter that information into the field.

Unfortunately, a unique task ID isn’t displayed in the app; if you need one, you can get it via an API.

You can read more about custom fields here Custom fields - Clockify Help

Here is also our API documentation in case you need it. Clockify™ API Documentation


Hi @Milena thanks for the response. I fear I wasn’t clear enough in my initial post. What I’m looking for is a single value which my team could enter/select either in the time tracker or the browser extension which would identify the task/project/customer and save them from having to select a customer and project (bearing in mind that my boss has made these fields mandatory).

Would the custom field server this purpose? Or the ID from the API, for that matter?

Hi, and thank you for further clarification! Unfortunately, that won’t be possible the way you’ve described it, but it does sound like a great idea, and I will make sure to forward this as a feature request to the team.
Custom fields won’t be of any use in this scenario since you would still need to manually create customers and projects for your time entries; that can’t be done automatically with the identifiers as per the current design of the app.
The API calls will also be ineffective because you can retrieve the specific task or project ID but not use it as an identifier in the extension.

Please let me know if I can be of further assistance!

Thanks Milena.If we’re talking about feature requests, if you were to implement such a single identifier, it might be worth considering presenting it to the user somehow as a QR code? This way the mobile app could be configured to accept the QR code from the smartphone camera and instantly start logging time against the task identified in the code.

Thanks again for the response!

Hello, and I apologize for the delayed response! Actually, that’s a fantastic idea, and I believe the team will consider it in the future, given how everything is moving towards automation these days.

If you have any other suggestions, feel free to fill out this form; we really appreciate your feedback! Feature Feedback - Clockify™

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Will do Millena. Please pass on my compliments to the team on a fantastic product!