Unexpected Sounds During Text Input after latest update to Mac app

Dear Clockify Team,

Since updating the app, I’ve noticed that there are occasional sounds when I enter text in Clockify. This issue was not present before the update, and it has become quite bothersome. While the sounds don’t occur every time, they happen frequently enough to be distracting.

I seems the sound is trying to alert that there is a similar time entry already, and the text that I am writing is similar but not correct. Please see the screeshot here

I have searched for settings within the Clockify app to disable these sounds, but I couldn’t find any options related to audio feedback or notification sounds. Additionally, adjusting the system sound settings on my Mac affects all apps, not just Clockify, which is not an ideal solution.

I wanted to bring this to your attention in case it’s an unintended behavior resulting from the recent update. If there is a setting or configuration that I might have missed, please let me know how to address the issue. Alternatively, I would appreciate it if you could consider looking into this matter and providing a fix or update to resolve the problem.

Thank you for your attention to this matter, and I look forward to any assistance or updates you can provide.

I provided a screensho

Best regards,

Hey Bernd,

Thanks for using Clockify Forum, and reporting this.

Kindly note that we don’t have any sound notification features in Clockify apps, but if you don’t mind, please record the video of the issue, and send it to our Support Team at support@clockify.me.

We will be happy to investigate it.