Two Way Sync? Help please

Hi Everyone,

Seeking some help and guidance on my goal/objective.

I would like to be able to create a new event/task in google calendar and it automatically update into clockify with the correct colors/categories/projects.

Right now, when I create a new event in google calendar, it does create an event in Clockify, BUT, it does not automatically apply the right categories/projects/colors, so I can track the time.

Is my objective of creating a new task and event in google calendar and automatically create the same event in clockify with the categories/projects/colors i want track time by?

Also what about vice versa, can I create the event in clockify with the categories/projects/colors and have it automatically sync to google calendar with the right categorie/projects/colors?

Thank you.

Hi Simond,
Thank you for your question!

Unfortunately, our Google Calendar integration is only one-way, not two-way integration, meaning that the information can only be transferred from the Google calendar to the Clockify calendar but not the other way due to the Google calendar permissions.

For now, it would not be possible to automate the copying of the events as time entries and assigning them to responding projects.

If you wish, you can always suggest this as a feature by filling out our Feature suggestion form.

If there is anything else, feel free to reach us at