Tracking time on tag level

We are a team of 30 and plan to use Clockify to track our work (IT projects). We need to track project hours by project specific areas like Analysis, Development, Testing etc. Specific areas might vary between the projects. We love the weekly timesheet form but currently we haven’t found a good way track our time so that we can split the time between project areas.

We tried to use tags for this but it has following limitations:

  1. If 1 developer has spent 2h a day on analysis and 6h on development for a specific project it can’t be accurately tracked because there is a limitation that only 1 project row is allowed. Is it possible to change this to allow more than 1 project row in the timesheet, so that we can split time spent on analysis and development correctly (2h and 6h)?

  2. Tags do vary between the projects and mostly not all tags are used in a project. Today there is not possible to limit tags on project level. It would be perfect if there was option under project settings to choose which tags are allowed for this project. Is it possible to add this feature to project settings?

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Hi Meelis!

It’s not possible to show multiple rows for one project in the Timesheet since Timesheet shows a collective number of hours per project in a day. If you need to split your time you can go to the Projects page, click on the specific project, and create Tasks under each project so users can select a specific Task when tracking time via Timesheet. Each task will have its own row.

Or you can use TimeTracker page and enter time manually, this will split time entries the way you’d like.

As for the default tags per project, you can use the Custom fields feature and create a field Tag (or you can name it whatever you’d like) and set values for this field. Custom Fields can be set to be visible for specific projects.

Hello Jovana.
Main reason why we consider Clocify is the weekly Timesheet. It allows us to fill in the week hours fast. There are many time tracker based systems and they all are very time consuming to use since you have to create a new record every time you enter spent hours. That takes lot of time. Clockify seemed to differ and offer fast tracking since it has a good week view.

It is too bad that the week view shows collective number of ours per project. It would be so much more userful if it had split view per tag. Maybe you can consider to add one more screen with week view that doesn’t combine the hours per project? Or just a checkbox to “combine by tag” that is optional? If we had possibility to split time entries by tag in a week veiw - it would make a perfect tool for efficient time management. Clockify would have a huge market advantage compared to other time tracker based systems.

Custom fields doesn’t seem to be the way to limit tags per project. It sounds like we need to create 1 custom field with separate tags every time we add a project. It seems to be lot fo work. Instead limiting tag usage on project level would be very easy to set up for the person who creates new projects. And existing tags can be reused that way. Maybe it is not too hard to add this feature to Clockify?

Even if other suggestions don’t seem to be most suitable to you, it still seems that creating Tasks would solve your issue. If you create tasks under projects instead of tags you can have each task in a row and this would be a way to split your time. Have you tried that?

Hello Jovana.
We did try tasks but we need to have the reports grouped by type of work (analysis/development etc). Today reports can only be grouped by tag and not by task. Therefore we were not able to use tasks for this. And another problem is that tasks can be completed and closed which creates problems with reporting if someone marks the task completed. Project members need to report type of work through the whole project.

I understand. Although, it is still possible to group the report by Task, however, it’s necessary to group it by project first since every task belongs to a specific project, it can’t be standalone. Furthermore, only admins and project managers can mark tasks as done but these tasks also appear on the reports.

Otherwise, if you prefer using tags, you can achieve this using the Time tracker page. It can be more efficient if you simply enter hours manually by duration (same way as adding time to timesheet) and combine it with the duplicate time entry option.

Hello Jovana,
I did try to group by project and then by task (summary report) but didn’t see the split. After lot of hacking I accidentally clicked on blue label next to the project title and then the split by task was shown. So yes, the split is there but really hard to find :wink: Thank you for helping me to find it!

I noticed that when I export the report then there is additional graph with the split by task. Currently it is not showing up on the screen. A bug maybe?


I’m glad that helped! :raised_hands:

The web will show the graph of the primary group (in this case project), but the PDF will show the second group as well. This is by design, but we would like to find a way to improve the graph to show more info in the future for sure.

We use tasks for that very purpose and mandate that users need to use them. That allows us to have a project with sub project codes if you will.

We then use Tags to tag the hours whether they are Project, Proposal, Admin, or R&D etc hours for an easy across the business synopsis: How much have we spent on Projects, Admin, R&D etc.

Our bug bear here is, and as previously posted, that we cannot have a default mapping of tags to a Project code, eg we’d like to auto map various research codes such that they always get tagged as R&D.

Wholeheartedly support the option to assign tags as a default to a project code, so they are “pre-selected”. Any click less is a good one!