Tracking Invoiced amounts for a project

Is there a way to track how much has been invoiced to date for a Project (without issuing an invoice to the customer from Clockify?)

Hello Maura,

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When you enter the time into the invoice, the entries should receive the tag “invoiced” no matter if you have pressed the send invoice button. Then, in the reports you can use the Status filter to select only invoiced entries and adjust to the time frame in the top right corner to check out which time entries have been invoiced so far.


Thanks for your reply David and that completely makes sense to run the invoicing without sending.

The one complexity I didn’t detail in my original question is that we have various bill rates based on project and resources (the resources don’t bill out at the same rate for every project). The other issue is I thought the report only showed if the time was invoiced or not, I’m looking for a running total of the invoice values showing how much of the statement of work value has been realized.