Tracked vs Estimated hours report

While it’s not possible to see the estimates in Reports since estimated hours are not tied to a specific date range but rather set for the project in total, you can view the estimated vs tracked hours in your Project Status.

Plus, you can get a nice print-friendly view of your Project Status by going to your browser’s options and clicking Print (or press Ctrl+P).

When you’re in the browser’s print mode, you’ll get an option to save the page as PDF.

Project Status can be viewed for one project at a time, but if you need the estimated vs tracked hours for all projects at once, you can go to your Projects page and print the whole page.

The little bars near the project’s name under the “Status” column show the estimated and tracked hours.

Hi there. Is there a way we can export this information in to Excel? Having a .pdf format isn’t very helpful when needing to provide data behind a project status. Is there a work around to be able to pull this information? Thanks!

Hi Steph! The project status can only be saved as a PDF. However, you can pull the info about estimates via API.