Timezone mismatch on hardened Firefox

In terms of privacy/security, I use a fairly hardened version of Firefox, means it runs in strict mode and with a couple of parameters switched to make fingerprinting more difficult, and uBlock Origin active.

I guess because of this, Clockify has a problem with timezones. At least, that’s the only reason I can think of.

Every time I open the Clockify web application, I get a warning about the time zone mismatch, as it might have problems to read it correctly.

Screenshot from 2021-03-18 09-42-48

The pop over is quite annoying, as it shows up every time. I wondered, if there is either a way for me to hide it permanently or if there is something Clockify could handle more clever than it does now. Clockify, so far, is also the only application that has a problem like that with my browser.

btw. I’m sitting in a European time zone.

Hi there,

Clockify will automatically determine your timezone based on the time zone in your browser and will always suggest the same zone to be set up.

And if there’s a mismatch, it will try to match the zones and the notification will pop up.

So in case there’s anything in your browser or on your PC that in any way affects your time zone, it won’t be possible to disable the notification received, as Clockify will automatically detect a different time zone.
The reason for this is that we use a library that recognizes your device’s time zone so that we could inform the users if there’s a mismatch they need to be aware of since it may mess up the reports.