Time tracking

I would be perferct for me if You can manage two things, we use Your solution on our production with about 30 people
It would be perfect if:

  1. Possibility of starting tracking from one account to another people - at us we have leaders on workshop and workers, I wish that leader can start work tracking time of the worker
  2. Possibility of starting time for few project at the same time and that it is dlivided by some key to certain projects. At us we load the truck where we have few projects addded and it’s not possible to divide it and start/stop every 10 minutes.

Hi, thank you for using the Clockify forum.

  1. There is a feature on our Enterprise plan that allows you to log in as a regular user if you’re an admin. The feature is called “control accounts” this is how it works. Control accounts – Clockify Help

  2. It’s not possible to start two timers on one account at the same time, however, multiple users can have they’re timers running at the same time on one workspace. For example, you could have one of your managers start the timer for project 1, and the other manager for project 2.

Thanks for information Protrackinghub

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