Time Tracker Description Missing Most Frequent Entry

When I click on the description field in the time tracker it shows a list of previous tasks/projects. But, it never lists my most frequently used task: “Code review”, instead it shows some tasks that I’ve only ever done once and or tasks that have only required a short time.

What controls what tasks are listed in the dropdown?

Hi @steve!

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Description field has an option for auto-complete where once you start typing a drop-down will open with up to 8 suggestions, which will be sorted chronologically.

You need to enter at least two characters and they can be related to any of these categories you previously entered: description, project, client, task, or tag.

Otherwise, if you just click on the empty description (What are you working on) field, it will pull your 8 latest time entries.

Autocomplete list takes into consideration last 250 time entries from last 60 days. If an entry isn’t there, it won’t show up in autocomplete.

Beside this, our suggestion would be to use option Favorite projects/tasks, where once you open project picker, your favorite projects/tasks will be shown.

Let us know if you have any additional questions.


What I’m saying is it isn’t pulling the 8 latest time entry descriptions, it always excludes my “Code review” entry. If I create a new entry with the name “Code review” and save it and then click the empty description the “Code Review” option does not appear in the drop-down. I have to type in “Co” to search for it to make it appear.

It sounds like a small thing but I’ve only had 9 unique descriptions. One of the descriptions was only used once, over a month ago, and it always is in the drop down list. But the one I use every single day is never in the drop down list.

If it matters I also only work on one project.

I also just realized that “Code review” was the very first description I ever entered. I wonder if that factors into this.

Can I reset the drop-down list some how?


I just ran a test by creating an entry with the new description “Code Review” (R capitalized) and when I went to create the next entry it is shown as the first item in the dropdown.

I then created an entry by searching for “co” and both code review entries were shown. I chose the one with the lowercase r and saved it.

When I went to create a third entry the dropdown only showed the “Code Review” entry.

So I’m speculating there is an issue where the first created task description is over looked by the algorithm used to fill the dropdown list.

Hi Steve,

Could you please record a short video while reproducing the issue and send it to support@clockify.me so we can investigate this issue further?

Kind regards,

Thanks. I’ve just sent it.