Time Tracker Column Widths

Hello Clockify Person,

From our sunny and cool (1˚C) C19 confinement in Québec City, I bring you a question/suggestion.

The column widths on the Time Tracker’s screen offer partial view of the entries line of information. The project/task column will expand, even full-width on large screens, forcing a side scroll to access the right-most 2 columns. This is happening on my Macs via Safari.

Question : is there a user control to set the column width?
Suggestions : well, you guess …

May you all stay safe and virus-free.

François A.

Hi François and welcome to our forum!

The Time Tracker page is a responsive page, so it fits different screen sizes and no side scroll should appear.

Please contact us at support@clockify.me with some more details, such as the version of your browser, some screenshots of your time tracker page, and the screen size of your Mac. And our team will take a look.

Stay safe!