Time spent field is not updated when timer is stopped in JIRA


I have setup the clockify widget but it is not working as expected. According to the information provided (FREE Jira Time Tracker - Clockify™) :

“Once the timer is stopped, the entry will be saved in Clockify. If you stop the timer in Jira, a time log will also be created in Jira (which gets added to the “Time Spent” field in Jira, if you have it enabled).”

The work log is created correctly. However, the time spent field is not updated. Is this a bug or am I missing something?

I should also make clear that Time Tracking is enabled in JIRA and the time tracker feature works as expected if an work log entry is created directly in JIRA. Entries generated by the widget also update “Time Spent” when modified.

Hi Simon,

Kindly note that time entries should be saved in the work log when you stop the Timer from Jira. To investigate this issue further please contact us at support@clockify.me and our support team will assist you.

Kind regards,

Thanks for the update. I will contact you as suggested.