Time off reports

I’m trying to implement the time off tracking in our organisation.
I’m struggling having a clear report of the time off done by an employee. Times off aren’t visible in reports so when I see an employee has logged only, i.e. 30 hours instead of 40 I would like to have a quick glimpse of the fact that he had 10 hours off. Am I missing something or this function is not implemented?

Hello Francesco,

Thank you for your feedback!

While it isn’t possible to have the time off in the reports for now, it is something that we plan to add in the future, it’s on our backlog and I’ll add your vote as well.

The workaround in the meantime would be to create a separate project called ‘time off’ and add time for your users. That way, you will able to view that time in the reports.

I hope this helps. Please reach out to support@clockify.me if you require further assistance!

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This is what we have done and it works quite well. We set the Project as “Paid TIme Off” and then set Tasks such as “Sick Time”, “Approved Vacation” etc.