Time off balance reset


I was wondering how to best manage a user’s Time Off balance in relation to the calendar year.

Ideally, the Accrued, Used and Available values of a policy would be reset at Jan, 1, so it is clear how many days a user has available for a single calendar year. Is this the case? This may be an option for each policy that I have overlooked?

Along the same line: What is the best way to set the Time Off Balance upfront? E.g., I have to assign a number of days to the Vacation policy balance of each user, but they should only become ‘available’ starting Jan 1, and should not be added to the current year’s balance. It would also be a lot cleaner that the Used balance of the past year(s) is not visible anymore, as this only clutters the correct number. So, in a single year it should show the number of days available of that period (year) and the number of days already used in that period.

Is there any documentation on how to set these policies and how the default works?

Many thanks in advance!


Hello there,

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For this workflow, I would suggest creating policies for each year individually. So for example, you have Policy “2023” and you have the days for it. When 2024 starts, on Jan 1st you can create Policy “2024” with the new days, and then, if you do not want the users to use the “2023” anymore, you can archive the policy so that the 2023 policy does not show anymore for users when asking for time off.

When it comes to creating it upfront, you can create the policies at any time and archive them right away, then restore them on a day when they become available.

Hopefully this helps.