Time interval feature request

I want to keep track of my day in 15minute intervals or less, even if I work on a project for 6 hours straight I want to see a description of what was done for each 15 minute block of my day. This way I can be sure I didn’t slack off for 2 hours on Facebook in the middle of those 6 hours by forcing me to put a short note of my progress each 15 mins; which in turn means i can see how a task progressed over a time period, eg was i debugging the code I wrote for the majority of the 6 hours I spent on a task or did a particular part of the task take longer than expected etc.
The only way I can think of doing this is using manual mode and then setting an alarm on my phone to go off every 15 mins and adding a new time worked item each 15 mins which I think is not ideal and the app could really facilitate this much better.

I think a really useful feature would be, when I have a timer running I want to be prompted every 15 minutes to be asked if I am still working on the task and if so to add a short note of what I did in that last 15 mins. Otherwise I could choose to stop the timer. Then if I have stopped a task and I don’t have a timer running but my computer is still active then every 5 mins I want to be asked to start a timer with the option to snooze for n minutes would be nice. But if I choose yes start a new item then I would like to be asked if I want to have the timer started from the end of the last task (I.e 5 mins ago). These alerts should be toast notifications that display whether or not you have the application in focus, like a windows 10 notification.

I think this feature would be simple to implement and would ensure your time logs are accurate and complete and make it very hard to forget to start or stop a timer. I want to try and make sure that every 15 min block of my day has a timed item against it, even if it is meal breaks, housekeeping etc and this feature would facilitate that.

Hi Matt! Welcome to the Clockify community!

Have you tried using our browser extension and enable the Pomodoro Timer?

The Pomodoro timer would enable you to get notifications every X number of minutes you set. So you can set it for 15 min and you’ll just get a little pop notifying you the time is up. And you can choose to start a break (stop the timer).

Here’s our tutorial for the Pomodoro feature that you could find useful.