Time Entries Updated Since API

Hello, I think I’ve asked this before, but it would make a massive improvement to how we can get data from the API if we could use an Updated Since parameter to query anything that has changed since we last queried the data. At the moment, we can only retrieve entries since a StartDate, but if users modify older entries, or back date entries where they forgot to enter them, they can easily be missed, and we have to do a manual sync every month to make sure that we have got any recent entries. To minimize the missing data, we end up retrieving the data for the past week every 12 hours, so we can end up getting the same data many many times. Would be much simpler if a simple change was made to allow retrieving based on when the time entries were last modified.

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Hi there,

I would suggest using webhooks Time entries updated(anyone) to capture changes on time entries. You can create webhooks from the Profile settings.



While that might work, it’s much simpler for us to retrieve from Clockify as we’re dealing with multiple servers on client networks - easier to retrieve than open up endpoints for Clockify to point to. And seems like a reasonably straightforward change to make.

Thank you for the feedback,

Your suggestion has been forwarded as a feature request to our developers so they can consider this improvement in future development.