Time Approval

Submission workflow for users

Users can submit their time in either via Time Tracker or Timesheet.

In Time Tracker, they select entries they wish to submit using bulk edit and click Submit. Submitted, approved, and rejected entries are visually distinct from unsubmitted entries.

In Timesheet, users simply click Submit button at the bottom, which submits all entries for that week.

In case of a mistake, users can withdraw submission. Once entries are approved, they become locked and users can no longer edit them.

Approval workflow for managers

Admins can approve and reject all entries either via Detailed report or Timesheet.

In Timesheet, you’ll select the Teammate for whom you wish to approve timesheet, and either click Approve or Reject button at the bottom.

Alternatively, you can see and approve all time quickly via reports. You filter out submitted entries and select what you wish to approve/reject via bulk edit in Detailed report, or by groups in Summary and Weekly report.

No one can edit approved entries, not even admins. In order to edit an approved entry, admin first has to withdraw approval. Rejected entries behave like unsubmitted, only they’re marked red.

Who can approve time? Admins and project managers.

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I’m excited to try out this new Time Approval feature when it is available. We will certainly use it!

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Great! This functionality is crucial for us to be able to roll out Clockify company wide. Is there a timeline when it’s expected to be released?

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Hi, Userswe, and welcome to our community!

There is no specific timeline for this feature since it is still in its early stages, but we hope to have it released in the next few months.

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