The Clockify Update deleted several days of my time tracking entries

I just installed an update from Clockify and it deleted all my time tracking entries for several days. I had not yet added them to my projects. This is a huge loss.

There should be some kind of warning to let the user backup and tell them that all the previous time tracking entries that have not been added to projects will be deleted.

Please suggest if there is a way to revert this.

Hello there,

Could you tell me which app you are using and if you are on the right workspace?
If you had offline mode activated on the app, that could cause the problem or when you logged in, you logged into the wrong workspace.

In case you need any further clarification or instruction, please feel free to contact us at We will be glad to help.


Hi good day, I got the same issue, just one work space.
I congratulate you for the improvemets since the last quearters,
the bulk add and that. thanks

Hi @Touch2Change, would you mind reaching out to our support team at so that we can troubleshoot what might have happened here?