Text Wrapping

I used to be able to type the description of my task in the description box and the text would wrap. Now it’s a single line and hard to understand the paragraphs that I’m writing.

Also, neither the web version or the Android application would recognize a standard Capital after a period and space to start a new sentence.

The latter is not so much an issue although a slight annoyance as much as the text wrapping feature that seems to have disappeared.

So I also just noticed that instead of the return key on the keyboard looking like a return key, it has now turned into a check. Is it possible to make this a multi-line expandable text box so that I can read a paragraph and its entirety, scroll up and down to see other paragraphs… The way was a week ago?

Hi Mark and welcome to Clockify Forum!

Since Forum is dedicated to new feature suggestions, improvements, and general product feedback, kindly contact us at support@clockify.me so we can investigate this further.

Thank you and stay safe!

Thank you. I’ll forward per your instructions.