Tags are not being grouped


Sometimes entries on report tab are not grouped by tag, even they having the same tags.

Is there any way to aways group entries that have the same tags? Sometimes this happen, but seams to be random to me.

Hello Gabriel,

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Kindly note that there is a possibility to filter the reports by the tags, and if you choose the “contains” option, the report will list the entries that are having that tag.

Please see attached:

I hope it helps.


Hi John,

Thanks for answer. I’m already using this filters, as could be seen in the image below.

But, as could be see in the first image that I sent, the entries do not group into a unique item, generating multiple slices on the pizza graph, for example, sometimes this makes me think that there is more then one kind of activity done, but actually there is only one.

Any way, the solution to this issue seams be a more manual one, applying multiple filters or passing more time analysing the graphcs. So I recommend to the clockfy team to add on backlog more features to ordering and filter activities by tags, this could be very usefull because this could reduce the time of the users to get their informations.


Hey Gabriel,

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Would you mind sharing with me the details on how exactly would you like the filtering by tags to work, so I can create a feature request and forward it to our Product team?


It didn’t work for me as well. Do you have any alternate suggestion plz?

Hi John,

Thanks for answer. I have the followed sugestions:

  1. It would to be usefull, when the user group activities by tag, that all activities with same tags really group in a unique item. As I showed in the begining of the topic this does not always happens. This makes the user, for example, pass a little more time to identify that there is more than one group with same parameters and add, manually, the times of this groups to understand the total that was spent with they. If there is another way to guarantee this, is not clear to me.

  2. When a activity has more than one tag, it would be useful to me to choose the collor of grouped activities in pizza graph on report tab, for example:

I have 3 activities and 4 tags:

activity tag_1 tag2 tag_3 tag_4
actv_1 y y
actv_2 y y
actv_3 y y

Sometimes it shoulb useful that all this activities be showed in pizza graph with the same color, because they all have the tag tag_1.


Hey Steven,

Please let me know what exactly you are trying to achieve, so I can understand your workflow better and try to assist.

Also, feel free to contact us at support@clockify.me so we can try to understand your case better.


Hey Gabriel,

Thanks for trying to explain this to me!

Please let me know what exactly you mean when saying “there is more than one group with same parameters” ?

Have you tried to filter the detailed report by tags (contain only), that should give you the entries that have only that specific tag.

I hope this will help.

Also, if you don’t mind, feel free to contact us at support@clockify.me so we can understand what exactly is your point, and try to find the solution if possible.