Tag character limit

The tag name can only be max 100 characters. This is limiting if I want to have longer tag names, eg

[Customer name] - [Case reference no]: [Case description]

Why not allow us to change the tag limit in settings and have the default as 100? Or better yet just remove the limit which seems arbitrary?

Hi @Kurren

Thank you for getting in touch with us!

For now, the system has limits for 100 characters, therefore for the use case you wrote above, it seems to me that it would help to create three different tags and then combine them on your time entries.

Would this be suitable for your workflow?

Hope this helps and I’m looking forward to your update!.


We have a similar requirement where we would like to include the Jira Ticket ID and Jira Ticket Title is a tag which we import via API.

This will then allow the user to choose a tag which corresponds to the time entry.

Therefore, we would like the ticket id and ticket title to both be concatenated in the tag, resulting in a long string, likely exceeding 100 characters.

Please advise how we can address this use case?

Thanks for your reply, however a case reference number matches only one case description, and the customer name is only there to more easily find the tag. Is there a reason for the hard coded 100 character limit? It feels like an easy fix if an extra 0 can just be added onto the end.

Hi @Kurren123 and @mosa!

Thank you for sharing your feedback with us regarding the Tags character limits.

I have consulted with the team on this, and for now they notified us that the system will keep the limit to 100 characters for tags. The Product team noted down your suggestions, and will consider changing this in the future.

The workaround I would suggest is using Custom fields or adding multiple tags.

Hope this helps and let us know if there’s anything else we can do for you.