Synchronize tracked times between Clockify App and Jira issue

Regarding the Jira Integration of Clockify:

as stated in the docu: JIRA integration - Clockify Help

After having added a time entry via an issue in Jira, it seamingly appears in my Clockify App.
However, in case I want to change this particular entry later on, I can not do that via the Clockify App, because it doesn’t synchronize the time back to the Jira issue or the other way around.

This way, it’s easy to have Clockify and Jira out of synch.

I would love to see a solution for that!

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The way the integration works is that the time entries recorded in Jira will be shown in Clockify, but as you noticed - editing or adding new time entries in Clockify does not show in Jira.
You would need to manually edit time in the work log on Jira as well.

I will be happy to add your suggestion to our product team for possible future release. I’m not able to promise anything but I will certainly bring it up with the team.




I’m currently evaluating Clockify as a potential replacement for Toggl within our company. So far, I’m quite impressed with Clockify’s capabilities.

However, this is a feature currently preventing us from making the switch from Toggl to Clockify.

Our current workflow involves:

  1. Initiating time tracking from Jira (or directly from Toggl, where we apply issue codes to time entries).
  2. Synchronizing new and updated time entries from Toggl back to Jira’s work log.

The absence of reverse integration between Clockify and Jira’s work log feature is the primary obstacle to adopting Clockify within our organization.

It would be great if this feature were made available in a future release :wink:

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I’ll make sure to add your vote for this feature as well!


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