Subtotal of time tacking for all member on Jira


I subtotal Jira ‘Time Tracking’ value of all project issues through Excel+Jira Addin.

Is it possible I can download and subtotal Clokify time tracking history for all member’s multiple Jira Projects from Clokify dashboad or database?

What I want to do is, subtotal time by Project, Sprint, Issue Type, Assignee.

I appreciate if anybody give me some advices!

Hello Yaby,

Thanks for using Clockify Forum.

What I would recommend at this moment, would be to use the Summary report, which you can export in Excel, and to use the “group by” option in order to sort the data the way you would like.

If I haven’t understood correctly what exactly you are trying to achieve, and if it would be easier for you, I suggest you contact our support team at and share some more details.


Thank you, John.
I will.