Source URL matching - Feature Request

The Clockify Browser extension is great, but its a bit of a pain to have to fil in Project and Tags after you have hit the start timer button or right clicked on an item and started the timer from there.

The integration that is starting the timer, must know the URL of the page that the Timer Widget was activated from was, it can pass it to the clockify app, so it would be cool to have something where we can enter a bunch of search strings against the activation url and map those to tags, projects etc Pre-fixes and post-fixes on the description would be cool.

For example i can match our Jira or Gitlab url and the url for a specific project and fill in the project and tags from that.

For testers they can map the client site url if they are right clicking and create a time entry of “Investigating [selected text]” with a tag of “investigation” and the right project selected for that client site.

Thanks for the suggestion, Tim! I’ll share the feedback with the rest of the team.

Note that our browser extension is open source, so any developer can make modifications and changes to it as well.