Small bug with Windows desktop timer showing wrong time

On the desktop app there is a bug with how the current running time is displayed.
It’s hard to explain but goes like this.

  1. I open the UI and start a timer. It begins counting up from 0 which is all fine.
  2. Let’s say the time now shows as 3 seconds and I go ahead and close the UI to get back to work. Ok.
  3. After some time passes, I open the UI to see long I’ve worked, say 30 minutes later. The timer shows as about 6 seconds, rather than 30 minutes + 6 seconds.

So the problem is that when I close the UI, the time seems stuck at where it was. And the next time I open the UI, it shows a wrong time and does’t catch up to what the time really should be.

Let’s say when I open the UI again it just says 1 minute and 20 seconds. Then I click to stop the timer, and it suddenly changes to 31:20 only after I stop it.

So the bug is that as I open and close the UI with a running timer, it doesn’t show the correct time until I stop it completely.

I can record a screencast if that would help too.


Hi Zack. We appreciate you reporting this, however, please note that the Feedback category (and Clockify forum in general) is dedicated to new feature suggestions, improvements, and general product feedback, but not bug reporting.

However, this sounds more like a sync issue. Please check if the timer is updated once you click on the refresh button within the app.

If the issue persists, note that all bug reports and such problems should be sent to where our support team will be able to help out and take note of the problems.

Thank you for understanding!