Slack Webhooks Issues

Hi all,

Stuck with getting Webhooks into Slack up running, which generally work very reliably in other applications.

They typically have this shape:

Status after each attempt is “Failed”,

Https status: 400

Response: no_text

And the
Request to your endpoint:

“id”: “61a63d500b6d292c343e19ba”,
“description”: “Testing Webhooks”,
“userId”: “615ec5f80759435f6bf372c4”,
“billable”: false,
“projectId”: null,
“timeInterval”: {
“start”: “2021-11-30T15:03:44Z”,
“end”: null,
“duration”: null
“workspaceId”: “617aabc04d694b7ecbefbxxx”,
“isLocked”: false,
“hourlyRate”: null,
“costRate”: null,
“customFieldValues”: [],
“currentlyRunning”: true,
“project”: null,
“task”: null,
“user”: {
“id”: “615ec5f80759435f6bf37xxx”,
“name”: “Max C”,
“status”: “ACTIVE”
“tags”: []

Where could I get started to work this out?

So the problem was that Slack couldn’t process the JSON object passed by Clockify. In order to turn this into a string and pick the fields of interested, some sort of processing is needed along the way before passing it on to Slack. Used Node-RED for this.

Hi Maxcirca,

Thank you so much for sharing the case with webhooks, we are glad to hear that you have managed to sort it out.