Siri shortcuts


I’ve been using this as my go-to time tracker for a while now, and I love it! Last night, I also discovered how extensive Siri shortcuts are; and those are super powerful too! I know you already have a widget, but, sometimes that doesn’t load with the currently running timer (which could be a bug on it’s own?). In the app itself I always have to pull down to refresh before the currently running timer is shown.

However, this post is about a suggestion I have. You have an amazing callback API already, however, currently the iOS app is lacking support for Siri shortcuts. I would suggest including some basic shortcuts, like starting (= continuing the last one or creating a new one with the given keywords) or stopping a timer. Those would mean that even when I’m in the car home, and I forgot to clock out, I can ask Siri if she can do it for me! I could even go further, and let her automatically start and stop my timers based on my location. You see where I am going with this!

I’d love to see this in a future update of the app!

Thank you for the amazing app!

Hi, there!

Thanks for your suggestion, it does sound interesting. I noted it down so that we can consider adding it in the future.

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