Sign in for multiple laboratories?

Hello, I work at a large university and we are about to restart our research. We are wanting to keep tabs on who goes in and out of our various labs. Would this platform work for this? Currently we use sign in sheets on clipboards but trying to eliminate the physical contact. There would be several labs, where individuals would sign in and out of as they come and go and some would use multiple labs. I cannot tell if this is possible because it seems to be timekeeping for individuals, not institutions. Thanks for any tips folks.


Hi John, welcome to Clockify Forum!

Once you invite your researchers to Clockify, you can create different projects for your various labs, then as your researchers go in and out of them, they can start/stop the timer for the project linked to the lab they are currently in.
In the Team Dashboard, you can see where the researchers are currently based on their running timers, and you can keep tabs on all their activity in the Reports.