Show all users in a report even if zero hours logged

Hi, I would like a report to show all my users with their logged hours even if any user has zero hours. The reports only seem to include a user if they have logged time, which is not useful if needing to identify anyone who hasn’t logged any time.

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There is an option to view users without time in weekly reports.
To see who hasn’t tracked any time in a given week, group the report by user and click on “Show users without time”. Only Admins will be able to see this option.

Hi, many thanks for the reply. The tip is useful.

It would be really useful if this option was available in the summary report where I can order the report by total hours, thereby having users without time listed at the top.

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Thank you for the feedback. I will suggest this to the team.

Also for the detailed report…? The reason being is that the reports should show all users irrespective of logged time, meaning admins can see who isn’t logging time correctly.

I will add this to your original request.