Show all GitLab Tags in Clockify Dashboard

I recently opened a new tag in GitLab and grouped some of my issues under this respective tag. Unfortunately I cannot access the new tag via Clockify´s dashboard - it is not shown up. Is there a special way to tell Clockify which of the tags in GitLab have to be displayed? So far, I thought that at the same moment I open a new tag this will be transferred to Clockify automatically.
Please advise!


Could you please make sure you have enabled the option that the integration can create projects, tasks, tags in the extension’s settings? If you need any additional help, please contact us at

integration can create

Hi Jane,

I now enabled the option that the integration can create projects, tasks, tags in extension settings, and: That´s it! Now I do see all of the recently set tags in my dashobard. Perfect :slight_smile: :+1:

Thank you for helping me out promptly.

Kind regards,

Unfortunately there is a “but”: I only do see those times which have been booked from the moment I set the very tag for an issue. For example, I worked on an issue a few weeks ago but tagged it only recently. Effect: this issue is not taggable in the Clockify dashboard. Is there any solution?

Hi Johannes, I’m glad to hear the extension settings helped.

As for the entries being tagged, you’re right, this is exactly how it works.
If you want to have the tag on previous entries too, you need to add them manually.

It’s possible to use the bulk edit on the Time tracker page to tag entries that belong to the same day at once.
And there’s also the bulk edit paid plan feature available in the Detailed report.