Keyboard shortcuts can be used on the Time Tracker page and will only work when you are not editing any fields (when your cursor is not active).

  • n = start N ew timer;
  • c = C ontinue latest entry.
  • s = S top current timer;
  • m = switch to M anual mode;

macOS desktop app

In order for shortcuts to work, your cursor needs to be focused on the Clockify window.

  • Cmd+S = Start the timer
  • Cmd+T = Stop the timer
  • Cmd+N = Enter manual time entry mode
  • Shift + Cmd + S = Save time entry when editing
  • Cmd+Y = Sync data
  • Cmd+L = Log out
  • Cmd+Option+R = Show/hide Clockify app from wherever you are

You can also define your own custom global shortcut for start/stop timer and hide/show app in Settings > Preferences > General.

Browser extension (Chrome, Firefox)

  • Ctrl+Shift+U = start/stop a timer without having to open the extension

Hello, I am using the Clockify Mac Desktop app. Could you please adapt the shortcuts? I am not able to start the timer and enter the description of the task without using the mouse. If I start the timer with cmd+s I can only enter the description of the task by clicking on the title. If I add an time entry with cmd+n I cannot start a timer without using the mouse.