Shortcuts Mac Desktop App


I am using the Clockify Mac Desktop app. Could you please adapt the shortcuts? I am not able to start the timer and enter the description of the task without using the mouse. If I start the timer with cmd+s I can only enter the description of the task by clicking on the title. If I add an time entry with cmd+n I cannot start a timer without using the mouse.


Hello @Sebastian_Forste, thanks for the feedback!

I would just like to recap your feature request. You would like to get the Time entry details window when you click cmd + s, right?

Hello Aleksandar,

For example. My only issue is that I would like to use the Mac Desktop App only with my keyboard without the need of grasping my mouse.

Hi @Sebastian_Forste, thanks for clarifying.

I have noted down your suggestion and I’ll let you know if we start working on this feature.

Have a nice day!